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oil drilling pipes


We have recently purchased a Barber dual rotary drill. This drill is capable of setting 6 to 8 inch casing to depths of 500 feet or more.

It is excellent for drilling through soil, sand, silt, boulder or solid rock. It is equipped with a 4 1/2 inch drill steel, a 250-650 compressor and a down the hole hammer.

A special drive shoe is utilized to allow the casing to drill through gravel and large boulders. This machine can be used for soil sampling, formation testing, water well and monitoring well drilling, mineral exploration and setting pilings.

We also have three track-mounted rotary drills, which were manufactured by Joy-Robbins. They are mounted on D-8 and D-9 caterpillar tractors. They are capable of hole diameters up to 12 1/4 inches, depths of 150 feet. Down pressure is in excess of 65,000 pounds and air supply is up to 1600 cfm.

References of past job performances are available to the customer.

Awards and Associations

  • BC Ground Water Association

  • Canadian Ground Water Association

  • Qualified Well Drillers

  • Qualified Pump Installers


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